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Iraq War, 2003- (Topical Term)

Preferred form: Iraq War, 2003-
Used for/see from:
  • Anglo-American Invasion of Iraq, 2003-
  • Gulf War II, 2003-
  • Iraq History Anglo-American Invasion, 2003-
  • Iraqi Freedom, Operation, 2003-
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003-
  • Operation Telic, 2003-
  • Persian Gulf War, 2003-
  • Telic, Operation, 2003-

New York Times, March 21, 2003 (Iraq war; Operation Iraqi Freedom)

Washington Post, March 21, 2003 (Iraq war; Operation Iraqi Freedom)

Associated Press, March 21, 2003 (Operation Iraqi Freedom)

U.K. Ministry of Defence Web site, March 27, 2003 ("UK military operations against Saddam's regime in Iraq are being conducted under the name Operation Telic")

Time Magazine, Mar. 24, 2003 (Gulf War II)

Safire, W. Words at War, On Language, New York Times Magazine, Apr. 13, 2003 (Gulf War II), Apr. 16, 2003 ("Anglo-American invasion of Iraq"), Apr. 16, 2003 ("Anglo-American invasion"), Apr. 16, 2003 ("An editorial in the Spanish newspaper El Pais does not refer to Spain's role in the 'coalition of the willing,' but says, 'Although one must build a new future, the Anglo-American invasion cannot be blessed posthumously neither by the U.N. nor by the Europeans.'")

The New Yorker, Apr. 21-28, 2003, The Talk of the Town : War Without End? ("it would also require a constricted conscience to declare the Anglo-American invasion finished business")

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